Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Software/Internet Marketing & Product Management


Creation and development of innovative business models, products, and services that leverage the social media aspects internet.

  • GolfWeb (acquired by CBS Sportsline)
  • RealCommunities (acquired by Mongoose Technology)
  • Consulting in social media, software and networking; online product marketing and management
  • Developer and instructor for courses at UC Berkeley Extension and companies in "Software Product Marketing", "Consumer Website Marketing", and "Web Communities".
  • Launched internet company/website (GolfWeb) in January 1995. Created and implemented 3-pronged business model of advertising (1995), ecommerce (1996), and subscription service (1997).
  • Founded second internet company (RealCommunities) in 1997. Created enterprise platform for social software and media applications.
  • Developed prototype for Online Career Profiles and Social Networking service in early 2002.
  • In process of developing business model and prototype for SubscriptionPal, an all-encompassing content delivery service.