Thursday, September 02, 2004

Social Media & Social Software


Development of an operating system for online social software. Already have experience in doing this from my previous company, RealCommunities.

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Product brochure for platform (CiviServer)
Product brochure for management tool (Producers Workbench)


  • Product vision: ability to generalize from a specific example and then devise requirements for a general product or service.
  • Product prototyping, specifications, management, development, and marketing.


  • Actively creating, developing and implementing online interactive software since January 1995 when my co-founder and I launched GolfWeb, an online website for golfers, that included a course database with reader reviews and playing parter matching.
  • Envisioned social software application for golfers and formed and led team of product managers and developers. Launched "GolfWeb Players Club" in 6 months. Subscription service included a compelling application to enable golfers to improve their game, member profiles, reputation system, groups, viral marketing tools, and full integration with the golf course database including the ability of members to add content (e.g. tee lengths).
  • Generalized the GolfWeb experience by researching sociological literature. Formalized findings in the "12 Principles of Civilization", a blueprint for successful online social software.
  • Founded and ran RealCommunities, a startup that build a platform for social software based on the 12 Principles. Customers included eBay, ThirdAge,, and Hewlett-Packard.
  • Proposed innovative subscription business model based on member reputation system to Napster.
  • Wide variety of consulting engagements typically based on the 12 Principles framework.
  • Envisioned and created the ResumeBlog service out of existing free social software services
  • Founded and manage the Software Product Marketing (SPM) eGroup. This all-volunteer group succeesfully promoted its members, who were primarily seeking jobs, out of existence. The link goes to the Internet Archive version of the group. The pieces that continue are the 5,000 member job posting service (SPM Jobs) and the 1,000 member SPM discussion group.
  • Developed a working prototype of a social networking site focused on professionals and their careers in January 2003.
  • Regular speaker on social software, social networking, online communities, career blogs, and viral marketing.
  • Creative visionary in the social media space.
  • See also, my blog, my ResumeBlog, and additional information on my two previous companies, GolfWeb and RealCommunities.

The 12 Principles of Civilization

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